A KIND OF BLUE 2016 / 17

refines one color as the main subject for narrative and abstract responses on daily subjective and on geopolitical issues.


Mondrian-like surfaces contain fragments of figurative abstraction, associatively linked to the name of Aleppo / Syria. 
The profile of a woman connects the body of a man, 
who floats through a magnetic ring backwards. 



oil on canvas 240 x 140 cm / diptych
© KLAUS HU 2016 / 17

The place
The landscape of the soul
The inspiration of the mind
The wind of the body
The expanse of the sea
The horizon of longing

oil on canvas 145 x 280 cm
© KLAUS HU 2017

Inside field of memory

Nine landscapes

Night scapes - a star map
The orientation of the pueblos
The stones - signposting to the stars
Such as modern street crosses
Map of the ancestors / gods / spirits
The essence of the beginning
Beginning of life - everything only a signpost
Cosmic cycles of time and space
Which stretches itself
Originated with matter
Instructions for future star travellers
Or intelligent beings who visit us
Testimonies of a signal
Like the bear of the Kwaikutl
Who learns to run with its ancestors / spirits
Otherwise, everything threatens to implode by acceleration

The stars / stones are language
As Beuys has expressed
40 years later
What a tiny timescale!
Radioactive waste of the next 100,000 years
What a tiny timescale!

Time inside rear mirror.


Landscape and its current conflict over resources.
Historical time layers of sedimentation are arranged 
as a sequential array 
of panoramas on the canvas. 
Landscape as experience versus the ubiquitous screen. 
Being ”In" the landscape versus the digital mapping of landscape. 
Landscapes as prototypes.



the motif and its motivation
the duration and its moral instance
the impression and its pragmatism
the contract and its deadlines

the self-referential and the effect
the connection and its discourse
the overvaluation of the moral stages of appeal
and its essence

the essential and its narrative
the reduction and its form
the fullness and its emptiness
the one and the other

you can not understand everything with Kant,
when the economy and ecology are in ruins.

painting is not the world police
nor is it simple self-reflection (motif and motivation).

painting is short and long, beautiful and ugly,
high and low.

the impact of a meteorite.


oil on canvas 120 x 140 cm
© KLAUS HU 2016




oil on canvas 120 x 140 cm
© KLAUS HU 2016 / 17

diptych oil on canvas 140 x 240 cm / 240 x 140 cm variable
© KLAUS HU 2016

The global is an illusion.
The now a necessity.
A networked community
Is just as caught,
Like mice in the cage,
Who follow the same cheese
Without realizing, that they
Already have eaten the cheese.


The nuclear arsenal of the cold war of submarines 
is stored somewhere in Europe 
and the United States as a tourist attraction. 
While nuclear weapons are renewed,
new / old nationalisms are fighting their way onto the stage of contemporary history, apparently over inequalities to solve the global distribution.


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